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Mechanical Seals

Costly power, the lack of supply, strict emission standards, are a few of the problems facing industry, that have made mechanical seals the fastest growing product in the fluid sealing industry. Superior is sensitive to those requirements and has developed an all-inclusive mechanical seal program to cover the requirements of our customers.
Mechanical Seal
  • RECONDITIONING – The majority of industrial seals can be reconditioned at just a fraction of the cost of a new seal. When there is no need for Sterling to supply our customer with a new seal, we don’t. While some in our industry provide “in field” repair kits, we prefer the quality and cost effectiveness of reconditioning in our manufacturing facility. While we prefer Sterling seals, we understand that our customers have seals, from other manufacturers, that can be reconditioned. We, therefore, recondition all manufacturers’ seals. Knowing that there will be a cost involved in transporting reconditioned seals, Superior, as a customer service, does not charge the customer for return shipments by normal freight.
  • REPLACEMENT SEALS – Many times the equipment manufacturer has designed & manufactured with dimensions that will only fit the original seals. If the current seal works well, there is no need to modify the equipment. Superior can provide a replacement seal that will fit into the original equipment.
  • SUPERIOR SEALS – Sterlingr provides many well designed, quality produced & cost effective seals. A few of the seal types obtainable from Sterling Seal are: double cartridge seals, single cartridge seals, high temp metal bellows cartridge seals, gas seals, split seals, mixer seals, and single rotary seals (dynamically balanced, pusher seals, high temp MB seals). Various materials and stationary seat types are available.
  • SPECIALTY SEALS –The application in which your seal will be used, can be reviewed by Superior, and an appropriate standard seal chosen for that situation.  Should a non-standard seal be required, Superior Seals will provide our customer with a seal solution for that application or industry.
Whatever your mechanical seal needs, Sterling Seal & Supply Inc. is your solution.