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Gasket Sheeting

Superior  Seals has gaskets  available in the many materials listed below. These materials can also be provided as gasket sheeting.  Please contact us with you requirements. Rubber Seals
Virgin Teflon® Sheets-Rods-Tubing
Flexible Graphite 
Silicone Sponge 
Silicone Rubber 
Silicone Rubber-Fiberglass Reinforced 
Red Rubber 
Wire Inserted Red Rubber 
Cork & Neoprene® 
Vegetable Fiber 
Cork & Rubber 
Fiber Cork Sheet 
Plain Cork 
Cork & Nitrile (Buna N) 
Fiberglass Cloth - HTPLAIN 
Fiberglass Tacky Cloth Style - Carded 
Glass Friction Cloth (Non-Metallic) 
Cloth Inserted Rubber 
Vinyl Seal
EPDM Rubber 
EPDM - White - Food Grade 
Nitrile/Buna N 
Nitrile - White - Food Grade 
Neoprene - White - Food Grade 
Natural Gum Rubber 
Rubber Diaphragm-Polyester Inserted 
Neoprene Duck Inserted 
Neoprene Nylon Inserted 
EPDM - Nylon Inserted Diaphragm 
Nitrile Nylon Inserted 
Neoprene® Cloth Inserted 
Hi-Temp. Compressed NBR-BINDER 
Hi-Temp. Compressed Wire Inserted 
Hi-Temp. Sheeting - SBR - Binder 
Carbon Fiber Gasket - Super Steam 
Closed Cell Sponge
Viton® (Fluoroelastomer)